Private Drum Set Instructor (2000 - Present)

Plainville High School Summer Band Camp Instructor (2001 - 2002)

Topics covered: musicianship, hand/foot technique, rudiments, reading, grooves, rhythmic vocabulary, limb independence, improvisation, sound & dynamics, breathing, focus, visualization, and versatility in styles from hard rock to modern jazz.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching music is an art. I feel that there are three ‘games’ of life that need to be kept in proper balance: a physical, a mental, and a spiritual game. Many musicians are only concerned about the physical aspect (technique, independence, chops, etc.). My goal as a teacher is to bring awareness to power of the mind and spirit in music.

Concentration and focus are critical components of the mental game. I teach my students how to visualize and internalize the rhythm and pulse of the music, allowing them to be more precise with their mechanics.

Breathing is the key to mastering the spiritual game. In fact, awareness of one’s breathing should be the priority in any musical (or life) experience. Breathing relaxes the body and allows energy to flow naturally, letting the music to come out with little effort. Breathing also slows the brain down, improving focus and concentration.

The physical game starts with natural and relaxed body motions. By integrating strengthening and conditioning exercises, I teach my students how to use their bodies more effectively to produce solid, articulate, and dynamic sound.

It is important to me to lead the student in the direction he or she wants to go while incorporating this approach.